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Schluter KERDI DRAIN Grates & Frames

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Schluter KERDI DRAIN Grates & Frames are to be used with Schluter KERDI DRAIN Traps. Available in a wide variety of designs and material finishes, these Grate & Frame sets can be configured with or without an integrated odour trap to suit the KERDI DRAIN Trap it is to be used with.

Schluter KERDI DRAIN Grate/Frame sets with an integrated odour trap feature a rubber gasket seal that is designed to be inserted into the 100mm diameter drain body that features on all KERDI DRAIN Traps. The Grate/Frame sets without an odour trap feature just a frame extension tube and height adjustment collar. All Grate/Frame Sets include a dirt trapping screen within the frame body, except for the 150mm Frame sizes and the Tile Covering Support design.

All Schluter KERDI DRAIN Grates designs come as standard in a size of 100mm x 100mm square. The standard Stainless Steel Design 1 (with screws) design is also available in a 150mm x 150mm square option and a 150mm diameter round option that are designed for larger areas, and external use. These 150mm options are only available without an odour trap.

Also available is a ‘B’ version of the 150mm Square Grate design – KDR15ED1SB – this has a plastic substructure pipe that is 125mm in diameter, as opposed to the standard 150mm frame that has a stainless steel 100mm diameter pipe. This is exclusively for use with the following KERDI DRAIN Traps: KDBH5070GVB and KDBAV50GVB.

The standard Schluter KERDI DRAIN Grates Designs – Design 1, Design 2, Design 3 & Design 4 (Tile Covering Support) feature a standard, thicker frame. As such, all these grate designs are interchangeable within the same frame. Whereas Designs 5, 6 & 7 are newer KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE Grate Designs that feature a ‘contour’ design frame – an extra-slim design that has much less visual impact than the standard thicker frame. As such, all the KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE Design Grates are interchangeable within this frame, but they are not compatible with the standard KERDI DRAIN Frame, and vice-versa. All grate designs (except for the Bronze Oil-rubbed Stainless Steel Finish) are available to purchase individually as spare parts without a frame.

The KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE Designs (Designs 5, 6, & 7) are a more recent addition to the KERDI DRAIN Grate range and make much more of a design statement than the standard grate designs.

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Design 1, Stainless Steel with screws, Design 1, V4A Stainless Steel with screws, Design 1, Polished Stainless Steel with screws, Design 1, Stainless Steel, Design 1, Bronze Oil-Rubbed Stainless Steel with screws, Design 2, Brushed Stainless Steel, Design 3, Brushed Stainless Steel, Design 4, Tile Covering Support, Design 5, Brushed Stainless Steel, Design 6, Brushed Stainless Steel, Design 7, Brushed Stainless Steel, 15cm x 15cm Square Design 1, Stainless Steel with screws, 15cm Diameter Round Design 1, Stainless Steel with screws, 15cm x 15cm Square Design 1B, Stainless Steel with screws


Grate only, Grate & Frame Set with Odour Trap, Grate & Frame Set without Odour Trap