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Schluter KERDI BOARD ZSD Fixing Dowels

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Schluter KERDI BOARD ZSD Fixing Dowels are for mechanically fixing Schluter KERDI BOARD Tile Backer Board panels to solid substrates, such as brick or masonry walls. These fixing dowels make it easy to create a perfectly level and even substrate over uneven/rough brick or masonry walls.

Available in either stainless steel or galvanised steel, in 90mm or 110mm lengths. Each size comes in boxes of 25 dowels.

1. Schluter KERDI BOARD Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally on solid brick or masonry walls. The selected dowels should be of sufficient length to reach a depth of at least 35 mm into the substrate behind.

2. Schluter KERDI BOARD ZSD Fixing Dowels are applied by drilling an 8mm hole through the board and into the substrate behind. Vacuum out the drilling dust and then drive the dowel through the board into the substrate with a hammer, until the top of the dowel is flush with the board surface. Apply Schluter KERDI FIX to abutting board edges.  Abutting joints should also be offset. On particularly uneven walls, apply dabs of tile adhesive behind the board to strengthen the installation.

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90mm Stainless Steel 25 pack, 110mm Stainless Steel 25 pack, 90mm Galvanised Steel 25 pack, 110mm Galvanised Steel 25 pack