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Schluter KERDI BOARD ZS Fixing Screws

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Schluter KERDI BOARD ZS Fixing Screws are for fixing Schluter KERDI BOARD Tile Backer Board panels to metal or timber stud frame structures.

Available in 3 different types: 35mm fine thread self-tapping, 55mm fine thread self-tapping and 75mm coarse thread. The fine threaded self-tapping screws are for use with metal stud systems, the 75mm coarse threaded screws are for use with timber stud structures.

Schluter KERDI BOARD ZS Fixing Screws are designed to be used with Schluter KERDI BOARD ZT Fixing Washers, to create a strong anchor when fixing tile backer board panels to stud structures.

1. Schluter KERDI BOARD Panels can be installed and screw-mounted vertically or horizontally on professionally constructed stud frames. When using Schluter KERDI BOARD ZT Fixing Washers and appropriate screws, the panels may be tightly abutted when fixing the screws. The selected screws should be of sufficient length to reach a depth of at least 20 mm in wooden studs and at least 10 mm in metal studs. The distance between the screws should not exceed 250mm. Depending on the project requirements, the panel thickness for installation on stud frame structures (centre line 62.5 cm) should be at least 19 mm.

2. In the case of vertical installation, abut the individual panels over the centre of the studs. In the case of horizontal installation, seal all vertical joints that are not located over a stud with tile adhesive, Schluter KERDI FIX or the double sided adhesive tape Schluter KERDI BOARD ZDK. Such abutting joints should be offset.

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35mm Fine Thread Self-Tapping x 200, 55mm Fine Thread Self-Tapping x 100, 75mm Coarse Thread x 100