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Schluter KERDI BOARD NLT Illuminated LED Niche

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The Schluter KERDI BOARD NLT Illuminated LED Niches are prefabricated installation niches made of Schluter KERDI BOARD with integrated LIPROTEC LED technology in plug & play design. They are used to create illuminated niches and storage shelves in wall areas of all kinds. These niches can be integrated into the Schluter KERDI waterproofing system as a bonded waterproofing assembly.

The Schluter KERDI BOARD NLT Illuminated LED Niches are available in 5 different dimensions and 2 LED light colour temperatures. The rectangular niches are available with illumination at the long or the short side. The LED module can either be positioned at the front edge, in the centre or at the rear wall to be covered with tiles. Available LED colours are either Warm White (3000K colour temperature) or Neutral White (4900K colour temperature). Available separately is the Schluter KERDI BOARD NLT BR Niche – this version features a RGB+White LED colour strip and comes with a bluetooth/wireless controller for controlling the colour, and makes it possible to choose from more than 16 million hues and colour temperatures from 2500K – 6500K via the included handset or an app on your phone.

The included LED Module trim carrier for each niche is supplied at the exact length to fit in the designated side. This trim has an internal height of 11mm and is supplied in an anodised aluminium finish.

Each Schluter KERDI BOARD NLT Illuminated LED Niche features a pre-fabricated waterproof junction box for connecting the LED Module. Each niche set includes all components required for installation such as cable connection, power supply and the waterproofing collar. We recommend using an on-site light switch to optimise operating convenience or integrate with a PIR.

The Schluter KERDI BOARD NLT Illuminated LED Niche is designed to be installed in the same way as the standard Schluter KERDI BOARD N Niche – between two studs in a stud wall structure. An additional substructure must be set up to support the niche flange in case of larger stud intervals. If the niche is installed in high-moisture areas, tiles on the shelf surfaces must be installed with a slope to prevent water from pooling in the final assembly.

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305 x 305mm, 305 x 508mm, 305 x 711mm, 508 x 305mm, 711 x 305mm

LED Colour

Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4900K)