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Schluter CLEAN CP Tile Trim Polish 50ml

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Schluter CLEAN CP Tile Trim Polish is a special cleaning polish that is particularly suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance of the surfaces of Schlüter stainless steel tile trim profiles.

Comes in a 50ml tube.

The product eliminates rust films, deposits, and discolourations as well as minor scratches. Schluter CLEAN CP Tile Trim Polish may also be used to clean other metallic surfaces made of brass, aluminium and anodised materials and is equally suitable for treating smudges and small scratches on plastic materials.

Schluter CLEAN CP Tile Trim Polish consists of microfine abrasives, oils, solubilisers and emulsifiers. It is not a hazardous material. It has a pasty consistency. It is recommended to test the product on a material sample or in an inconspicuous place to verify its suitability.

To Apply: Simply apply the product to a dry cloth or directly on the area to be treated and rub it in until a dry, greyish film has formed. Use a clean, soft cloth to polish the area and ensure to fully remove all residue.

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