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Ripper Longhorn Demolition Bar

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The Ripper Longhorn Demolition Bar is a heavy duty demolition bar with a 180 degree indexing head for multiple demolition and rip out uses. It measures 1100mm in length.

The Ripper Longhorn Demolition Bar features a head with 15 different locking positions for creating the best leverage/access position for all kinds of rip out & demolition applications. Simply press down the locking button and rotate the head to the desired angle. The head features two sharp pointed forks for piercing materials and driving between gaps, and a heavy duty nail puller at the back for removing nails and screws. The head is made from chrome molybdenum steel for maximum strength and durability.

The handle on the Ripper Longhorn Demolition Bar measures 1100mm in length and is made from heavy duty tubular steel, with a grippy, knurled surface.

The Ripper Longhorn Demolition Bar can be used for a myriad of demolition/rip out applications, such as:

  • Removing ceilings, roof tiles
  • Ripping up garden decking/patios
  • Ripping out bathroom/kitchen tiles and fixtures
  • Removing trims, mouldings, architraves, framing
  • Ripping up hardwood floors, tiled floors
  • Removing stud and partition walls
  • Ripping out built-in furniture & fittings

The Ripper range of demolition tools also includes the smaller sized Ripper Claw and Ripper Pry bars and the Ripper Demolition Safety Gloves.

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