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No More Ply Tongue & Groove Board 18mm & 22mm

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Please note: Due to the brittle material nature of cement board, this product is not suitable for dispatch through parcel courier networks. As such it can only be sent on a pallet to ensure delivery in good condition, regardless of the quantity of boards ordered. So you will be charged for pallet delivery, even if you only order 1 board. We acknowledge that this is not ideal, but it is the only way to ensure that your order is delivered to you undamaged.

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The No More Ply Tongue & Groove Board is a thicker version of the standard No More Ply Tile Backer Board. It is a fibre cement board with a tongue and groove connection that is designed to directly replace floorboards on joists.

No More Ply Tongue & Groove Board is available in the following sizes: 2400mm x 500mm x 22mm, 1200mm x 600mm x 22mm and 1200 x 600 x 18mm. The 1200 x 600 size boards have the tongue and groove connection on all four sides of the board, but the 2400 x 500 size boards just have the tongue and groove connection on just the two long sides of the board.

No More Ply Tongue & Groove Board has a number of advantages that make it a far superior alternative to plywood floorboards. Being constructed from fibre cement means that they are inert, and not subject to deformation due to atmospheric conditions or water – the material doesn’t change shape, rot or expand like chipboard, plywood and other timber-based materials. They are extremely dense and stable, waterproof and have A1 rated fire resistance.

No More Ply Tongue & Groove Boards can be tiled onto directly, without the need to overboard first,and are compatible with most types of tile adhesives and timber adhesives such a MS polymers, PU Acrylic etc. They are suitable for interior and exterior use.

No More Ply Tongue & Groove Board is robust and with tongue & groove edge connections, once fixed properly there is no risk of movement and they are less likely to generate squeaking or other noises. We recommend running a bead of Megastrength Adhesive along the tongue of each board, as well as on top of each joist when fitting the boards together, along with 50mm No More Ply Screws to securely fix the boards to the joists. Use 2-3 screws per joist across the short width of the board.

The boards can be easily cut to size using a PCD saw blade (poly crystalline diamond blade). We recommend using the No More Ply PCD Diamond Blade in a handheld circular saw or saw bench for fast, accurate and clean cuts.

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1200 x 600 x 18mm (4-sided), 1200 x 600 x 22mm (4-sided), 2400 x 500 x 22mm (2-sided)