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No More Ply TCT Jigsaw Blade 3 Pack

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The No More Ply TCT Jigsaw Blade is a jigsaw blade with tungsten carbide teeth, for easily cutting fibre-cement No More Ply Tile Backer Boards and the No More Ply 18 & 22mm Tongue and Groove flooring boards.

The No More Ply TCT Jigsaw Blade is ideal for cutting around awkward shapes and pipes, and is a fast, clean and less dust-producing method of cutting No More Ply boards. It is also suitable for cutting Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (5-20mm thickness), Plasterboard and Fibre Cement Boards (5-50mm thickness).

The blade comes in a pack of 3 and fits all T-shank jigsaws.

Technical Data:
Teeth Pitch: 4.3mm
TPI: 6
Working Length: 75mm
Total Blade Length: 100mm
Blade Width: 8mm
Blade Thickness: 1.2mm
Jigsaw Compatibility: Fits all t-shank jigsaws

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