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No More Ply Scoring Knife

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The No More Ply Scoring Knife is used for cutting No More Ply cement tile backer board and other cement based backer boards. The tungsten coating on the double blades score No More Ply cement boards with ease, allowing the fitter to ‘score and snap’ cement board sheets, making it very fast to lay.

The No More Ply Scoring Knife also doubles as an excellent grout removing tool.

The No More Ply Scoring Knife makes accurate cutting in straight lines really easy. Note: The cement boards obviously can be fragile after scoring, so handle them carefully. For the best result, try laying the cement boards on a flat surface and using a piece of wood along the score line. Or clamp the board in a bench or workmate along the score line. Also, clamping a piece of timber to the score line will help to guide the scoring knife and apply even pressure to the surface of the cement board. This will help you get even, clean cuts instead of untidy and jagged ones. For more precise cuts, try scoring both sides of the cement board. Cutting boards using this method has been found to be actually much cleaner and faster than other ways.

For clean straight cuts, we recommend using the No More Ply PCD (polycystalline diamond tipped) Blade in a handheld circular saw.

For round holes or complicated and awkward cuts in the cement board we recommend using a masonry drill bit attached to a drill to drill through the board, then using a heavy duty jigsaw with the No More Ply TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) Jigsaw Blade to cut through the board and cut it to your desired shape.

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