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Mexco UHXCEL Diamond Blade

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The Mexco UHXCEL Diamond Blade is a blade for fast cutting of ultra hard materials such as; Granite, Porcelain, Marble, Ceramic Tiles, Clay Roof Tiles and other hard natural stone and man-made fired materials.

It is available in the following blade sizes: 115mm (22.23mm bore), 125mm (22.23mm bore), 150mm (22.23mm bore), 180mm (22.23mm bore), 180mm (25.40mm bore), 200mm (22.23 bore), 250mm (25.40mm bore), 300mm (20.00mm bore), 350mm (25.40mm bore), 400mm (25.40mm bore).

The Mexco UHXCEL Diamond Blade features an ultra thin 1.2mm-3mm segment width (depending on blade diameter) and 10mm segment height, for fast cutting qualities combined with long service life. The segments are designed to produce a clean cut and reduce chipping, and also to facilitate fast waste removal.

The Mexco UHXCEL Diamond Blade features a ventilated steel centre for rapid heat dispersion when cutting dry. It can be used dry or wet, wet cutting is advised when using the larger diameters of this blade over 150mm. The advised maximum cutting depth by the manufacturer is 20mm.

The Mexco UHXCEL Diamond Blade is perfect for use by: Tile Fitters, Roofers, Kitchen Fitters, Stone Workers, Plumbers, Civil Engineers and General Building Contractors.

The blade can be used with: Porcelain, Hard Marble, Marble Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Ductile Iron, Granite, Class A Engineering Brick, Clay Paviours, Clay Pipes Vitrified, Clay Roof Tiles, Quarry Tiles, Non Abrasive Indian Sandstone, Hard Facing Brick, Medium Facing Brick and Hard Slate.

Technical Data:
Diameter/bore sizes (mm): 115/22.23, 125/22.23, 150/22.23, 180/22.23, 180/25.40, 200/22.23, 250/25.40, 300/20.00, 350/25.40, 400/25.40.
Segment Height: 10mm
Segment Width: 1.2mm – 3mm
Grade: XCEL
Ventilation: Yes
Usage: Can be used dry or wet. Wet cut advised on sizes above 150mm
Segment Attachment: Sintered
Segment Type: Continuous Castellated Turbo Rim
Recommended for: Tile Saw, Angle Grinder & Bench Saw

Product Datasheet

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115mm (22.23mm bore)


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