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Marmox Tilebacker Single Sided Board

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Please note: Orders for small quantities of boards are usually packed into (large) parcels and dispatched via courier. We take great care in packaging them as well as possible to prevent damage to the edges and corners, however despite our best efforts occasionally they may arrive with small dents and marks that have been inflicted on the edges as they have been processed through the courier network. These marks are purely cosmetic and will have no effect on the integrity and performance of the board. 

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The Marmox Tilebacker Single Sided board is a single sided, simple insulating tile backer board made from an extruded polystyrene base, topped with a double layer of fibreglass mesh embedded into a polymer cement surface. Available only in 1250 x 600mm board sizes, and comes in two thicknesses, 6mm and 10mm.

The Marmox Tilebacker Single Sided board differs from the standard Marmox Multiboard panel in that it has only one side coated with a cement coating that is reinforced with a fibreglass mesh.

Marmox Tilebacker Board is designed to be the most cost-effective way of creating a thermal barrier between cold concrete, or wooden substrates and tiles. The boards are ideal to be fixed directly over the top of plasterboard walls, or sheet wooden floors, using tile adhesive. This creates an insulated and waterproof barrier. Marmox Tilebacker Single Sided boards are NOT suitable for fixing to stud walls.

Quick & Easy Installation

  • Installation onto a full bed of flexible adhesive for floors & walls.
  • Marmox Tilebacker is suitable for mechanical fixing onto sheet wooden or concrete floors using plugs, fixing screws & tile backer board fixing washers.
  • When using Marmox Tilebacker directly behind any wet areas of the room use Marmox Waterproof Tape on the joints.
  • For tiled floors, such as kitchens or bathrooms, where thermal insulation is required use Marmox Reinforcing Tape to ensure strength between the joints of the Marmox Tilebacker boards.
  • Tile using a good quality flexible adhesive.

The Marmox Tilebacker can be used in conjunction with any size of floor or wall tile. Mosaic tiles smaller than 50x50mm must be pre-adhered to a fibreglass or cloth mesh.

Technical Data:
Compressive Strength-Perpendicular To Surface: 3 kg/cm2, 30 t/m2
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 29 X 10-6
Thermal Conductivity: 0.034 W/m.K
Thermal Resistance (20mm thick): 0.6 m 2 K/W
Robinson Floor Test: Extra Heavy Duty & High Impact Use
Water Penetration: Passed – No Water Penetration
Flammability: EN 476-6,7;Class 0 – EN 13501;Class E
Surface Burning Characteristics: Flame Spread 0, Smoke Developed 70
Accelerated Aging: Passed – No Blistering or Delamination
Capillarity: 0
Waterproof: Passed
Fungus/Bacterial Resistance: Passed – No Growth
Temperature Limits: -50 to +75 °C, -58 to +168 °F
Global Warming Impact: Index of 1 (No Negative Impact)
Dimensions: 1250 x 600mm
Thickness: 6mm, 10mm
Colour: Foam – Blue, Polymer Cement Coating – Blue
Weight: Approx 2–3 kg/m² (Dependent Upon Thickness)
Warranty: 10 Years

Product Datasheet

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Additional information

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1250 x 600 x 6mm, 1250 x 600 x 10mm


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