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Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W – For Unpolished Surfaces

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Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W is used for stain-resistant treatment of terracotta, brickwork, unpolished natural stone, cementine tiles and engineered stone, both in internal and external surroundings.

Supplied in 1 litre containers.

Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W reduces the amount of water, oil and grease absorbed by the surfaces, making them easier to maintain and clean. The product is suitable for application on food contact surfaces and can be used on floors and coatings, work surfaces, kitchen tops and bathrooms. Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W does not create a film on the surface and does not affect the original colour and breathability of the material. It also has a good UV stability. Treated surfaces are suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W is easy to apply and dries quickly. Thanks to its water-based composition, it can be applied also on not completely dry floors and coatings as long as they have an even appearance (no stains or humidity halos). It is resistant to traffic and has very little effect on the breathability or slippery nature of the material. The treatment can be carried out with this single product and surfaces are already set to light foot traffic 2 hours after application (in normal conditions of +23°C and 50% R.H.).


The product is not suitable for treating stone or engineered stone surfaces with polished finish. When using Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W, always carry out a preliminary test on a hidden sample area, to evaluate the aesthetic result before applying the product on the whole surface. The treatment may be repeated after a certain period of time to maintain its effect, according to the type of material, the traffic load and wear level of the surface. Do not apply the product on exposed surfaces if rain is forecast within the next few hours after application. If the product is used in interior, make sure the room is well aerated during application and drying.


Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W is ready to use. Shake well before application. According to environmental conditions, apply the product 12 to 24 hours after washing on the clean, dry or evenly damp surface, in one or two coats, using a brush, cloth or fleece applicator. Treat the surface evenly. Remove any excess wet product before it dries (5-10 minutes in normal conditions) using a clean cloth.

After drying (approximately 1-2 hours) a new coat can be applied, repeating the procedure described above. The application of more coats may be necessary, especially in case of highly absorbent materials. Avoid application on very cold or very hot surfaces (> +35°C o < +5°C). It is advisable to wash the surfaces treated with Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W using neutral detergents ”(such as UltraCare Multicleaner, diluted according to directions given in the respective Technical Data Sheet). On particularly absorbent substrates, apply a base coat of Antipluviol W (colourless, water-repellent, silane and siloxane-based impregnator in watery emulsion) on dry and clean surfaces not subject to rising damp. The following application of the product may be carried out after complete drying of the base coat (at least 24 hours in good weather conditions).


10 to 20 m² of surface using 1 litre of Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W (one coat), according to absorption level and surface finish of the material. Yield is heavily influenced by the absorbency level and the surface finish of the substrate to be treated.

Technical Data:
Consistency: homogeneous liquid
Colour: colourless
pH (at +20°C) neat product: 5
Density at +20°C: 1.01 g/cm³
EMICODE: EC1 Plus – very low emissions
Dilution ratio: ready to use
Surface drying: 1-2 hours
Set to light foot traffic: 2 hours
Application temperature range: +5°C to +35°C

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