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Mapei UltraCare Smooth Silicone Finishing Spray

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Mapei UltraCare Smooth Silicone Finishing Spray is a water-based and innovative formulation which is suitable for all types of sealants (acetic, neutral, polyurethane etc.). It facilitates the finishing of the sealant after its application and contributes in creating smooth, compact surfaces without hollows that could ease dirt pick up and lead to future formation of moulds.

When combined with specific sealants (such as Mapesil AC or Mapesil LM), the product enhances their mould resistance properties by granting a surface with no porosities.

Supplied in 750ml trigger spray bottle.

Mapei UltraCare Smooth Silicone is a special water-based formulation that eases the finish of flexible joints made using various types of sealants (acetic, neutral, polyurethane etc.). It does not leave residues and can be applied on most of the surfaces commonly used in the building industry (ceramic tiles, stone, glass mosaic etc.).


Due to the very wide range of materials available on the market, we recommend carrying out a preliminary test on a hidden part of the surface, in order to evaluate the compatibility of the product with the surfaces and sealants to be treated before applying it on the whole area.


The product is ready to use and does not need to be diluted with water. Spray Mapei UltraCare Smooth Silicone on the joint after applying the sealant, before the formation of the surface skin. Then finish using a suitable tool.


750ml of Mapei UltraCare Smooth Silicone can finish up to 350 linear metres of sealant. Consumption is heavily influenced by the type of sealant and the size of the joints to be treated.

Technical Data:
Use: Solution for finishing sealants
Appearance: liquid
Colour: Transparent
Odour: characteristic
Relative density [UoM]: 1.00 g/cm
pH: 10.3

Mapei UltraCare Smooth Silicone is part of the CO2 Fully Offset in the Entire Life Cycle line of products. CO2 emissions measured throughout the life cycle of products from the Zero line in 2023 using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, have been offset through the acquisition of certified carbon credits in support of renewable energy and forestry protection projects. A commitment to the planet, to people and to biodiversity. For more details on how emissions are calculated and on climate mitigation projects financed through certified carbon credits, visit the webpage

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