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Mapei UltraCare Keranet Cement Residue Remover

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Mapei UltraCare Keranet Cement Residue Remover is an acid-based concentrated cleaning product in liquid form to remove cementitious residues from porcelain, ceramic and all acid-resistant materials. Ideal for cleaning operations after completing laying work, for removing salt and limescale efflorescence and rust stains.

Mapei UltraCare Keranet Cement Residue Remover is used for cleaning internal or external surfaces (including façades) that have been grouted using cementitious grouts and removes concrete stains, residues of installation and grouting operations, respecting the cement grout joint.

Mapei UltraCare Keranet Cement Residue Remover is suitable for use on acid-resistant materials such as porcelain, ceramic, glass mosaics, quarry tiles, terracotta and acid-resistant natural stone and easily removes installation, cementitious grout and adhesive residues from the installed material leaving a perfectly clean surface. It can also remove limescale, rust stains and efflorescence.

Mapei UltraCare Keranet is a liquid cleaner that can be diluted in water according to the amount of dirt and residue to be removed. Dilute 1 : 10 or 1 : 5 parts by weight, i.e. 1 part of UltraCare Keranet with 5-10 parts of water. It may also be used undiluted to remove engobbio from porcelain and ceramic material. Mapei UltraCare Keranet is based on a special inorganic acid, with a buffered formulation, whose advantage is to have an aggressiveness towards stains and efflorescences equal to that of much stronger acids (muriatic/chloridian, sulfuric, etc.), without developing, like the latter, very dangerous toxic fumes. In any case, using the product in well-ventilated areas is recommended.

Mapei UltraCare Keranet Cement Residue Remover , when properly used, does not damage the grout joint even when coloured grouts are used, but rather removes the efflorescence that can sometimes form on their surface.

• Never use UltraCare Keranet on polished marble or calcareous stone in general, limestone-based materials or cementitious terrazzo tiles.
• Do not use UltraCare Keranet on ceramic tiles or enameled baths with non-acid-resistant enamel.
• Use Mapei UltraCare Keranet with rubber gloves and glasses, paying attention to splashes on the skin or clothes.
• Make sure before use that the surfaces to be cleaned are acid-resistant. It is advisable, in doubtful cases, to carry out preliminary tests at different concentration rates.
• Do not leave Mapei UltraCare Keranet on grout joints too long and always rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any product residue that may over time cause colour variations.
• Mapei UltraCare Keranet does not damage metal or galvanized surfaces; however, given the variety of materials available on the market, a preliminary test at different concentrations is always recommended.

Application Method:
Make sure before use that the surfaces to be cleaned are acid resistant. It is advisable, in doubtful cases, to carry out preliminary tests. Before cleaning with the product protect everything that can be damaged by splashes. The surfaces to be cleaned, especially if very absorbent (Tuscan terracotta, porous ceramics, natural stone etc.) must be well moistened with water before treatment with Mapei UltraCare Keranet.

Apply the product, diluted in water according to the level of residue on the surface (1 : 10 or 1 : 5) and the type of surface to be treated, working in manageable areas and leave to act for about 5 minutes. Then work over the surface with a single disc cleaning machine or an emulsifying pad. Remove the solution and then rinse with plenty of clean water. For heavy residues you may need to repeat the above procedure.

Only use Mapei UltraCare Keranet Cement Residue Remover on completely cured grout (from 1 to 10 days depending on the type of cement grouting used). In case you need to use a grout residue remover at the point of installation, then we advise that you use Mapei UltraCare Keranet Easy, which is suitable for excess grout removal from the surface, at the point of application. Please refer to the specific data sheet.

Depending on the needs, it can vary based on dilution, the degree and type of dirt and the surface to be treated.

Technical Data:
Consistency: liquid
Colour: transparent
Density (g/cm³): 1.10
pH: 1.1
Application temperature range: 0°C to +40°C
Waiting time before rinsing: 5 minutes

Product Datasheet

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