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Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W – Water Based Colour Enhancer

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Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W is an innovative, water-based formulation used to preserve and enhance the colour of natural stone with medium-high absorbency, terracotta, terrazzo, marble-chip tiles, cementine tiles and engineered stone in both internal and external surroundings.

Supplied in 1 Litre containers.

When applied on the surface of the material, Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W refreshes and enhances its colour and gives it a very bright finish. Suitable for application on internal and external floors and walls. Ideal for window ledges, doorsteps, decorative features and worktops.

Its particular formulation in water emulsion makes it possible to apply the product even on damp substrates. The product is in fact ideal for any situation in which residual humidity impedes the application of equivalent solvent-based products (such as Mapei UltraCare Intensifier S). Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W provides surfaces with a long-lasting and highly effective water and oil-resistant finish, protects them from staining and reduces their level of dirt pick-up. It is resistant to traffic and UV rays and has very little effect on the breathability or anti-slip properties of the material. Surfaces can be treated for protection and colour enhancement with just one product.


  • Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W is not suitable for stone and engineered stone surfaces with polished finish or low absorbency (use Mapei UltraCare Intensifier S). Always carry out a preliminary test on a sample area of the surface to verify the product’s effect.
  • If the main requirement is to provide surfaces with a water and oil-repellent finish and to protect them against staining without an enhancing effect, it is recommended to use Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W or Mapei UltraCare Stain Protector W Plus (please refer to respective Technical Data Sheets).
  • Once Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W has been applied, it is not possible to return surfaces to their original condition. Always carry out a preliminary test on a small, unexposed area of the surface, or on a sample of the material to be treated, to verify the effect it has on its finish before applying the product over the whole surface.
  • The treatment may be repeated after a certain period of time to maintain its effect, especially on external surfaces, and according to the type of material, its exposure to atmospheric agents and the levels of traffic and wear it has to withstand.
  • Do not apply the product on exposed surfaces if rain is forecast within the next few hours after application.
  • If the product is used in interior, make sure the room is well aerated during application and drying.


Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W is supplied ready to use and does not need to be diluted with water. Shake well before application. Apply Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W onto the dry (or slightly damp) substrate with a brush, roller or fleece applicator in a thin and even layer. Remove any product that is pooling on the surface before it dries (5 – 10 minutes in normal conditions). Actual time depends on environmental condition and absorbency of the material to be treated. Surfaces may be opened to foot traffic 8 hours after application (when applied +23°C with 50% R.H.). If applying Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W onto a surface with lower porosity, then the first coat should be applied diluted 1:1 in water. Subsequent coats should be applied undiluted. To enhance the colour of the material even more, additional coats of the product may be applied, waiting one hour between each application and repeating the operations described above.


Up to 30m² surface with 1 litre of Mapei UltraCare Intensifier W (one coat). Yield is heavily influenced by the absorbency level and the surface finish of the substrate to be treated.

Technical Data:
Consistency: homogeneous liquid
Colour: milky white
pH (at +20°C) neat: 7.0
Density at +20°C: 1.02 g/cm³
EMICODE: EC1 Plus – very low emissions
Dilution ratio: ready to use
Surface drying: > 60 min
Application temperature range: +5°C to +35°C

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