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Mapei UltraCare Anti-Mould Protector For Tiled Surfaces

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Mapei UltraCare Anti-Mould Protector is an innovative, colourless water-based formulation for protecting stone, render (including painted render), cement, Terracotta, grouts, ceramic and klinker from the formation of moulds. It is the ideal product for completing the Mapei UltraCare Mould Remover cleaning cycle (please refer to the respective Technical Data Sheet).

Supplied in 750ml trigger spray bottles.

Mapei UltraCare Anti-Mould Protector grants efficient and durable colourless protection against the formation of moulds and prevents the risk of unpleasant staining. Suitable for wall application, both in interior and exterior. Do not spray on metal surfaces, wood, plants or fabric. In case of accidental contact, wash thoroughly with clean water.

Due to the very wide range of materials available on the market, we recommend carrying out a preliminary test on a hidden part of the surface, in order to evaluate the compatibility of the product before applying it on the whole surface (especially to verify possible colour variations on decorative coatings).


  • Make sure that the surface is perfectly clean and dry before applying the product.
  • If mould is already present on the surface, clean using UltraCare Mould Remover. Wait until the surface is completely dry and then apply the product.
  • Mapei UltraCare Anti-Mould Protector can also be applied on grouts.
  • If the product is used in interior, make sure the room is well aerated during application and drying.


The product is ready to use and does not need to be diluted with water. Shake well before application. Spray directly on the surface to protect holding the bottle in vertical position and at 20 cm distance. Spread the product evenly on the surface to be treated using a cloth to make it penetrate correctly. Remove any excess of product to avoid dripping and wait for complete drying.


750ml of Mapei UltraCare Anti-Mould Protector can treat up to 30 m of surface (one coat). Yield is heavily influenced by the absorbency level and the surface finish of the substrate to be treated.

Technical Data:
Use: protector – mould prevention
Appearance: liquid
Colour: transparent
Odour: characteristic
Relative density [UoM]: 1.00 g/cm
pH: 9

Product Datasheet

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