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Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit

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The Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit is an easy to use kit for treating commercial or domestic showers before tiling. It provides tough and durable protection against leaks whilst remaining permanently flexible, covering up to 4m².

It contains everything required to waterproof a shower in one tub: 5 kg of Mapegum WPS, Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit Primer (Mapei Primer G) and Waterproofing tape (Mapeband PE120).

Mapegum WPS
The Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit comes with Mapei Mapegum WPS, a fast drying liquid membrane for the interior waterproofing of bathroom and shower walls and counter tops before installing ceramic tiles.

Mapei Mapegum WPS is a ready-to-use, solvent-free, one-component, grey-coloured paste with a base of synthetic resins in water dispersion. It has a thixotropic consistency which makes it easy to apply on horizontal, sloping and vertical surfaces. It is quickly and easily applied, and is ready for use after 12 hours.

Coverage: approx. 1.5 kg/m2 per mm of thickness

Mapei Waterproofing Primer

The kit comes with a pre-diluted water-based synthetic resin primer (Mapei Primer G) for treating gypsum or anhydrite substrates prior to installing ceramic tiles or stone material and cementitious adhesives. It has very low emissions of TVOC.

Coverage: 0.1-0.2 kg/m2 depending on use

Waterproofing Tape
The Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit comes with a 10 metre roll of PVC tape for waterproofing systems formed using liquid membrane, called Mapeband PE120. It is for the flexible waterproofing sealing of edges and expansion joints, and is designed to be treated with Mapegum WPS. Joints between pieces of Mapeband PE120 must also be bonded using Mapegum WPS.

Mapei Mapeband PE120 is a PVC tape for waterproofing systems created using liquid membranes. It is elastic and deformable and is also supplied in special shapes for use on internal and external of corners, and as seals for pipe-work in bathrooms, kitchens, showers etc. and drains.

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