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Mapei Eco Prim Grip Primer

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Mapei Eco Prim Grip is a multi-purpose, ready-to-use primer for internal and external floors and walls. It creates a rough keying surface that improves the bond of adhesives to non-absorbent substrates. It is ready to use and can be easily applied using a roller or brush.

Mapei Eco Prim Grip can be used to improve the bond of all types of cement, gypsum and lime-based plasters on substrates made from concrete, brickwork, vibro-compressed concrete blocks, lightweight blocks and gypsum. Its also suitable for improving the bond of adhesives for ceramics, smoothing and levelling compounds on non-absorbent surfaces, such as ceramic, terrazzo and natural stone floors.

Mapei Eco Prim Grip is a solvent-free primer composed of synthetic resin in water dispersion and selected inert materials with excellent bond strength, resistance to water and ageing. It guarantees a rough keying surface ideal for render, smoothing and levelling compounds, thus ensuring an excellent bond on smooth substrates and substrates with low absorbency, reducing and evening out absorption of water of absorbent surfaces. Once dry, it guarantees a tough bond of any cementitious render on various types of substrate: concrete, lightweight cellular cement blocks, bricks, stone, plasterboard, wood, ceramic, metal, render, gypsum, etc.

Mapei Eco Prim Grip should be applied at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C. Do not use Mapei Eco Prim Grip in the presence of rising damp of rising humidity, and on continuously immersed surfaces. Do not use as adhesion promoter for adhesives and levelling compounds on screeds and power-trowelled concrete. In such cases use Eco Prim T.

Mapei Eco Prim Grip may be applied to the substrate with either a roller or by brush or roller. The render or smoothing and levelling compound may be applied once the product is dry. The minimum waiting time is from 15 to 60 minutes according to the surrounding conditions and the absorption of the substrate. It’s possible to apply a second coat from the application of the first coat after a long time.

Consumption varies between 0.20 and 0.30 kg/m² according to the absorption of the substrate.

Technical Data:
Consistency: creamy liquid
Colour: grey
Density (g/cm³): 1.48
pH: 8.5
Dry solids content (%): 70
EMICODE: EC1 Plus – extremely low emission level
Application temperature range: from +5°C to +35°C
Waiting time before applying render: 15-20 minutes (dependant on substrate’s temperature and porosity)
Waiting time before applying smoothing compound: 30 minutes (dependant on substrate’s temperature and porosity)

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