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LTP Grout Stain Remover

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LTP Grout Stain Remover is a cement, limescale & grout residue remover for interior & exterior use.

LTP Grout Stain Remover is for glazed and un-glazed ceramics, slate, quarry tiles, brick, terracotta & acid resistant natural stones. It is a rapid action cleaning agent for removing cement residues, grout stain, efflorescence and other similar deposits from glazed and unglazed ceramics, slate, quarry tiles, brick, terracotta, and stone.

May be used in dilute or concentrated form. (Do not use on Limestone, marble or other acid sensitive surfaces).

Directions for use:

In mild cases and on absorbent tiles:
Dilute 1 part LTP Grout Stain Remover in 4 parts warm water. Apply with a cloth or sponge wrung out in the solution. Wipe off thoroughly with a clean damp cloth.

In more severe cases:
Dilute 1 part Grout Stain Remover in 1 part warm water. Apply liberally and spread over surface of tiles. If necessary, agitate with a scrubbing brush and leave to react for 5-10 minutes, keeping wet with additional LTP Grout Stain Remover solution. Mop up and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

In extremely severe cases:
Use undiluted and agitate with scrubbing brush or mechanical scrubber if necessary. Neutralise treated surface with clean water after use.

Not suitable for use on surfaces that are calcareous, sensitive to acids (e.g. stainless steel, chrome, enamel etc), or contain lime (i.e. marble, travertine,limestone, engineered stone & sandstone containing iron). In conditions of extreme humidity the product vapour may react with acid sensitive surfaces. Any contaminated surface should be rinsed off immediately with plenty of clean water. Do not use when under floor heating systems are in operation.

N.B.Always rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water.

Approximately 5-25m² per litre.

Store in a cool, dry, frost free environment. Shelf life up to 5 years.

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