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Lithofin Microfibre Mop & Bucket

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The Lithofin Microfibre Mop & Bucket system is designed for the purpose of deploying Lithofin sealants, impregnators and cleaning agents.

The Lithofin bucket is a chemical resistant bucket with a 20 litre capacity. This bucket is extra wide, designed for use with the Lithofin Microfibre Mop. It features a clip-on side drainer for draining excess product from the mop head.

The Lithofin Mop Holder is a robust mop head designed for use with the Lithofin microfibre mop heads. These are attached via the flaps to the mop holder and stretched taut via the tensioning device to make a slack-free, flat mop. Available as a mop set complete with handle and smooth white applicator mop head, or singly.

The Lithofin Microfibre Mop Head is available in two variants:

    • Smooth White Applicator Mop Head – for use with Lithofin daily cleaning products and applying Lithofin sealants and impregnators.
    • Blue Striped Scrubbing Mop Head – this mop head is a microfibre mop with stripes of coarser material incorporated to agitate surface contaminants for a slightly deeper clean.

Both mop heads are machine washable and can be reused indefinitely.

The Lithofin Telescopic Handle is designed for use with the Lithofin Mop Holder and also the Lithofin Scrubbing Pad Velcro Holder. It is an extending handle that has a maximum length of 140cm but retracts to a smaller 77cm size for easy storage.

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Microfibre Mop Head, Handle & Holder Set, Microfibre Applicator Mop Head, Microfibre Scrubbing Mop Head, Mop Bucket 20 Litre, Telescopic Handle, Mop Holder


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