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Kerakoll Fuga Shock Eco 1 Litre

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Kerakoll Fuga Shock Eco is an eco-friendly cleaner, ready to use, for removing residues and streaks of epoxy resins, ideal for use in Greenbuilding.

Kerakoll Fuga Shock Eco is highly effective, it has a specific cleaning action that removes residues and streaks from ceramic tile, porcelain tile and glass mosaic surfaces. We recommend using the Kerakoll Abrasive Felt Pads with this product.

Kerakoll Fuga Shock Eco is suitable for use on floors and walls, with compact and porous materials.

Instructions for use:

Preparation of substrates:
The coating materials must first be cleaned to remove any dust. Epoxy Grouts such as the Kerakoll Fugalite Range must be fully hardened.

Kerakoll Fuga Shock Eco is a ready-to-use transparent liquid. Shake the bottle well before opening in order to redisperse the liquid evenly.

It is advisable to perform a preliminary test on tiles that are not to be laid, or in a concealed area. Apply Kerakoll Fuga Shock Eco evenly to the surface to be cleaned with a white rough scrubbing pad and leave it until the dirt to be removed begins to visibly lift; this may take a few minutes or up to 3 – 5 minutes depending on the quantity, the elapsed time after laying (at least 7 days) and the degree of absorption of the surface. Scrape the surface mechanically with abrasive felt pads. (we recommend using the Kerakoll Abrasive Felt Pads). Once cleaned, rinse well and dry carefully. The use of wet vacuum makes the operation easier and ensures complete removal of residue. In the case of large surface areas, a mechanical buffer with an abrasive felt pad for the removing operation is recommended. Repeat for highly stubborn dirt.

Residues can be cleaned from tools by rinsing them thoroughly with water.

Please Note:
Kerakoll Fuga Shock Eco is a liquid detergent. Before using the product, it is advisable to hermetically seal all doors, windows, rubber seals, furniture, varnished/painted elements, bathtubs and shower trays made of synthetic materials such as methacrylate, PVC, etc.. and any surface that could be attacked through direct contact with the detergent or with vapours.

Technical Data
Appearance: transparent liquid
Specific weight: ≈ 1.05 kg/dm3
Shelf life: ≈ 24 months in the original packaging
Warning: protect from frost, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
Pack: bottles 1 ℓ
Water dilution ratios: all ratios
Viscosity: ≈ 1540 mPa · s, rotor 2 RPM 50, Brookfield method
pH: ≈ 1.4
Temperature range for application: from +5 °C to +35 °C
Waiting time before cleaning with water: ≈ 2 – 5 min.
Coverage: ≈ 10 – 20 m2/1 ℓ

Product Datasheet

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