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Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil Sealant 290ml

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Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil Sealant is an eco‑friendly, rigid neutral silane sealant for waterproof sealing of hydraulic and electric systems, through elements and construction elements in pools and in Kerakoll Laminates systems, ideal for GreenBuilding.

Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil Sealant develops a high level of adhesion on absorbent and non‑absorbent surfaces, guaranteeing the waterproofing of system passages even in the most critical space situations.

Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil Sealant is supplied in 290ml tubes and is grey in colour.

Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil Sealant is specifically designed for use in pools with aggressive water. It features high adhesive properties on all materials without using a primer and is non-corrosive. It will not mark or stain natural stone sills and kerbs, has low VO content and is ideal for Greenbuilding.

Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil Sealant can be used internally, externally and in pools to give waterproof sealing of hydraulic and electric systems, through elements and construction elements.

Compatible materials:

  • Plasters, finishing products, screed and mineral patches
  • Cement and concrete cast on site or prefabricated, concrete blocks;
  • Metals (steel, copper, bronze, brass, …);
  • Plastic materials (PE, PPE, ABS, fibreglass, …);
  • Wood, glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stone.

Do not use Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil on:

  • Dusty or poorly cohesive surfaces;
  • Bituminous surfaces or those exuding oil, solvents or plasticizers;
  • Substrates that are saturated with damp or subject to continual moisture rising or to waterproof leaks in specific points;
  • for visible seals;
  • for elastic sealing of expansion joints.

Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil Sealant is ready-to-use. After cutting the conical nozzle of the cartridge, cut the spout at an angle of 45° to suit the width of the seal to be realized and screw it onto the cartridge. Insert the tube of silicone into the appropriate manual or air-powered applicator gun, start sealant extrusion and fill the joint.

The extruded Kerakoll Aquastop Nanosil must be compressed and made to penetrate in depth in order to give optimum adhesion and guarantee waterproofing; the use of a metal or plastic scraper dipped in soapy water is recommended.

Technical Data:
Appearance: grey thixotropic paste
Specific weight: 1.6 kg/dm³
Chemical nature: neutral cross-linked silane sealant
Shelf life: ≈ 18 months in the original packaging
Warning: protect from frost, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
Pack: 290 ml cartridge
Joint minimum width: ≥ 5 mm
Joint max. width: ≤ 25 mm
Temperature range for application: from +5 °C to +40 °C
Skinning time: ≥ 25 min.
Cross linking: ≈ 2.5 mm / 24 hrs
Coverage: ≈ 10 m (joint 5×5 mm) with 1 cartridge (290 ml)

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