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JACKOBOARD Aqua Shower Drain Kit

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The JACKOBOARD Aqua Shower Drain Kit is a drainage connection kit for the JACKOBOARD Aqua and Aqua Flat range of pre-formed Shower Trays. Features a high drainage rate of 0.9 litres/sec.

The JACKOBOARD Aqua Shower Drain Kit is available in two different types: a horizontal drain system with a super-flat drain and a minimum installation height of just 97 mm (including shower element) or a vertical drain system.

Both Horizontal and Vertical kits come with a high quality designer grating made of solid brushed stainless steel and a grate frame with an adjustable height range of 3–18mm, to suit different tile thicknesses. The drain nozzle is made of glueable ABS plastic for easy fixing to drainage systems. The Vertical outlet drain has a two-step outlet design, going from DN40 at the end to DN50 in the middle. This allows greater flexibility for connecting to drainage systems, and can easily be cut to the DN50 section if the maximum drainage rate is required.

The JACKOBOARD Aqua Shower Drain Kit can be used in either solid floor or suspended timber joist substrates. When using the drain kit beneath a suspended timber floor it is necessary to construct a platform for the drain to rest on – see the video below for an example of this.

Also available is the JACKOBOARD Aqua Installation Kit – this includes everything needed to install a JACKOBOARD Aqua Shower Tray – cement-based adhesive for fixing the tray to the substrate, waterproofing membrane, sealing tape and corners, plus the Aqua drain kit.

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