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Fila StonePlus Colour-Enhancing Stain Protector

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Fila StonePlus is a colour-enhancing stain protector that protects and revives the original colour of polished, untreated and tumbled natural stone. Fila StonePlus deeply penetrates the material and protects it from watery or oily stains and dirt. Fila StonePlus is ideal for all stone applications, worktops and any decorative stone objects, and can be used both internally and externally. It also revives grout lines, does not yellow and withstands UV radiation.


  • Fila StonePlus produces a reviving effect on all finishes.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Fila StonePlus does not yellow, resists UV radiation, and it provides enduring protection.
  • Extremely high coverage.
  • It also eliminates granite minute excoriations.
  • Does not form surface film.
  • The treated surfaces are suitable for food contact.

Usage and application:

No dilution required: ready to use.


  • Apply Fila StonePlus on dry and clean material using a brush or other appropriate tool. During application, rub the surface with a cloth to aid the product’s penetration and remove any excess product completely. The surface can be walked on after 8 hours. To improve colour revival, apply several coats of the product with an interval of at least 8 hours in between.

Maintenance: use a diluted solution of Fila Cleaner Pro.

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: spray the product (airless system) on vertical surfaces until they are saturated and use appropriate PPE.

Caution: Once treated with Fila StonePlus ECO, the stone cannot be restored to its original condition. Before treating the surface, carry out a spot test to check the final colour. On certain materials laid outdoors, it is advisable to repeat the treatment every year to optimally preserve the reviving effect. Does not protect against acidic aggression. Do not apply the product if rain is expected.


Approximate coverage (1 Litre):

  • Polished stone – 30-50m²
  • Unpolished stone – 15-25m²

This coverage is purely indicative and is only representative of a single coat. The actual coverage achieved in practice may be affected by other factors such as application technique and how absorbent the surface may be.

Product Datasheet

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