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Fento Original Kneepads

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The Fento Original Kneepads are co-designed by medical specialists and are designed to prevent knee and back complaints through pressure distribution.

The kneepads naturally offers the ergonomics you expect of the best-in-class knee protection: the Ergonomic Wedge ensures the correct distribution of pressure across the lower leg, which prevents knee and back complaints.

The Fento Original Kneepads have an improved fit which takes on the shape of your own knee after a while and thus offers even greater comfort, flexibility and ergonomics. These kneepads are exceptionally wear-resistant and have a broad, flat surface for extra stability. In addition, the Fento Original Kneepads have a replaceable inlay for when it needs to be replaced (the support offered by the inlay reduces after repeated use) so you need not buy a completely new knee protector. The whole product is completely water repellent.

Each knee protector weighs just 250 grams. The wide elastic straps do not pinch behind the knee. Because the Fento Original Kneepads are shorter in length than its big brother, the Fento Max Kneepads, it offers even more freedom of movement. Also available are replacement elastic straps for when your straps become worn. Also available are Fento Kneepad Clip Straps – these are recommended if you work a lot with sand, as the standard velcro straps can get clogged, which reduces their fastening performance.

Also available are the Fento Kneepad Protective Covers, which have been designed to prevent dirt, sand, or gravel getting between the knee protector and the knee.

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