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FENTO 200 Pro Knee Pads

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FENTO 200 Pro Knee Pads are light weight, flexible and highly durable knee pads, globally renowned as one of the best knee protectors in the world. Sold as a pair.


  • Inlay is replaceable and breathable
  • Co-designed by medical specialists
  • Prevents knee and back complaints through pressure distribution
  • Perfect fit
  • The Elastic band does not constrict the back of the knee
  • The inside is breathable
  • Lightweight: 8.8185 ounces
  • Flexible and 100% water resistant
  • Durable and very hard-wearing
  • Recommended by Health and Safety professionals, and physiotherapists

The FENTO 200 Pro Knee Pads support and protect both the knee and the whole lower leg when kneeling. FENTO’s knee protectors’ guiding principle is easy: comfort resulting from pressure distribution. An absorbent inlay supports the lower leg and ensures the user adopts the right posture.

The FENTO 200 Pro Knee Pads also provide lots of comfort and prevent knee and back complaints. The outer layer is made from durable polyethylene, resulting in a flexible and water resistant knee pad.

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