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Fassa Bortolo FC830 GF 0-4 Tile Grout

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Please Note: This product is now discontinued and we only have the following units left in stock:

Anthracite 5kg: 5 bags
Ice 5kg: 5 bags
Jasmine 5kg: 5 bags
Manhattan 5kg: 3 bags
White 5kg: 3 bags

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Fassa Bortolo FC830 Tile Grout is a cement-based powder grout for joints from 0-4 mm, water repellent, with polymers, for interiors and exteriors, white and coloured.

Fassa Bortolo FC830 Tile Grout is composed of special cements, selected sands, and water-repellent material with the addition of polymers. For grouting joints from 0-4mm wide between ceramic, gres and natural stone tiles.

Fassa Bortolo FC830 Tile Grout is available in white and 8 different colour hues. Available in moisture-resistant 5kg bags.

Technical Data:
Appearance: white or coloured powder
Specific weight of the powder: approx. 1050 kg/m³
Grading: < 0.1 mm Mixing water: 31-33% Yield: depending on the size of the joints and the dimensions of the tiles Maturing time: approx. 5 minutes Specific weight of the wet mortar: approx. 1900 kg/m³ pH: > 12
Duration of the mix at +20°C: approx. 60 minutes
Application temperature: from +5°C to +35 °C
Ready for normal use: after 14 days, can be reduced to 7 in ideal temperature and humidity conditions
Moisture resistance: excellent
Ageing resistance: excellent
Resistance to solvents, oils and alkalis: excellent
Acid resistance: like all cement-based products, resistance to strong acids is not ideal
Walkability: approx. 24 hours
Flexibility: good if mixed with LATEX DR 843

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Anthracite 5kg, Ice 5kg, Jasmine 5kg, Light Grey 5kg, Manhattan 5kg, White 5kg