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Fassa Bortolo AZ59 Flex Tile Adhesive

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Fassa Bortolo AZ59 Flex Tile Adhesive is a one-component adhesive with good elasticity, available in white and grey, for both exterior and interior tiled floors and coatings.

Fassa Bortolo AZ59 Flex Tile Adhesive features excellent workability with extended open time, whilst remaining deformable and resistant to vertical slippage. It is suitable for medium-large sized tiles on floors and walls with heating/cooling systems, and also swimming pools and facade coverings.

Fassa Bortolo AZ59 Flex Tile Adhesive is composed of a dry premixed adhesive made from white or grey Portland cement, graded sand, a high quantity of special synthetic resins and additives to improve workability and adhesion.

Fassa Bortolo AZ59 Flex Tile Adhesive is available in 25kg moisture-resistant bags.

Fassa Bortolo AZ59 Flex Tile Adhesive can be applied in interiors and exteriors, on walls, floors and ceilings. This adhesive is used for bonding ceramic, ceramic mosaic, clinker, gres, porcelain gres, terracotta, cement-based recomposed and natural stone tiles that are not sensitive to staining and moisture. Substrates include: lime, cement and gypsum base coat plaster and gauged mortars, well cured and dry cement or anhydrite floor screeds, long-standing concrete floor slabs, plasterboard, cementitious waterproof coatings and existing floors. Suitable for application on plasters and floor screeds with heating/cooling systems, on external wall thermal insulation systems and pools.

Given the perfect compatibility of the materials, Fassa Bortolo AZ59 Flex Tile Adhesive is especially suitable for use on SA 500, SV 472, SV 472 P, SR 450 or LEGEO MIX screeds, on floor screeds made using FASSACEM binder, on AQUAZIP line waterproofing products and on GYPSOTECH system plasterboards.

Technical Data:
Appearance: white or grey powder
Specific weight of the powder: approx. 1,300 kg/m³
Maximum thickness: 10 mm
Grading: < 0.6 mm Mixing water: 27-29% Maturing time: approx. 5 minutes Specific weight of the wet mortar: 1,650 kg/m³ Density of hardened adhesive: 1,500 kg/m³ pH: > 12
Duration of the mix at +20°C: approx. 8 hours
Application temperature: from +5°C to +35°C
Tile adjustment time: approx. 40 minutes
Waiting time before grouting the joints: approx. 1 day
Ready for normal use: 7-14 days (depending on the intended use and the climatic conditions)
GEV Classification: GEV EMICODE EC 1Plus – very low emission
Class: C2TE-S1 according to EN 12004
CSTB/QB certification (for the grey version of the product): Cert. no. 285 MC 405

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