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Fassa Bortolo AQ60 Stone Tile Adhesive

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Fassa Bortolo AQ60 Stone Tile Adhesive is a one-component quick setting adhesive that comes in extra-white and grey colours, with medium elasticity, for laying natural stone tiles in interior and exterior areas.

Fassa Bortolo AQ60 Stone Tile Adhesive is used for ultra-rapid cementing of ceramic tiles, gres, marble, porcelain gres, etc. onto underlays with low absorption where the setting of other adhesives would be too slow.

The Extra-white Fassa Bortolo AQ60 Stone Tile Adhesive is particularly suitable for cementing marble, granite and natural or recomposed stones. The extra whiteness of this adhesive prevents staining the surface colour of the tile, as the high absorbency characteristics of natural stone mean if a light-coloured stone is laid with grey adhesive, the colour of the stone will be noticeably darker and blotchy once the adhesive has set.

Fassa Bortolo AQ60 Stone Tile Adhesive is composed of a dry premixed rapid setting and hydration adhesive composed of special white or grey cements, selected sands and specific additives to improve workability and adhesion.

Fassa Bortolo AQ60 Stone Tile Adhesive is available in 25kg moisture-resistant bags.

Technical Data:
Appearance: white or grey powder
Specific weight of the powder: approx. 1,300 kg/m³
Maximum thickness: 10 mm
Grading: < 0.6 mm Mixing water: approx. 24% Yield: approx. 3-4 kg/m² Maturing time: none Specific weight of wet mix: approx. 1,650 kg/m³ Density of hardened adhesive: approx. 1,500 kg/m³ pH: > 12
Duration of the mix at +20°C: approx. 30 minutes
Application temperature: from +5°C to +35°C
Initial setting time: approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes
Open time: approx. 15 minutes
Tile adjustment time: approx. 15 minutes
Waiting time before grouting the joints: approx. 4 hours
Ready for normal use: After 24 hours
Flexural strength after 28 days: approx. 8.5 N/mm²
Compressive strength after 28 days: approx. 20 N/mm²
Deformability: Deformable
GEV Classification: GEV EMICODE EC 1Plus – very low emission
Complies with the EN 12004 standard: C2FT S1

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Grey 25kg, Extra-White 25kg