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Etonville puraDec Wetroom Shower Tray

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The Etonville puraDec Wetroom Shower Tray is an extremely strong, tileable shower tray with pre-formed falls, constructed from thick, rigid GRP (glass fibre and polyester resin) composite. The Etonville puraDec Wetroom Shower Tray can be installed directly onto wooden floor joists at 400mm centres, with no additional support. It is tested at 100kg point loading with zero deflection. During manufacture, the GRP surface of the tray has a textured grit finish added, similar to sandpaper, to aid adhesion of tiles when tiling.

The range of Etonville puraDec Wetroom Shower Trays is designed and manufactured in Britain, and available in a range of 4 sizes, each with a central drain outlet:

  • 1500 x 800mm
  • 1500 x 900mm
  • 1200 x 800mm
  • 1200 x 900mm

Each tray features 4 preformed falls that slope towards the central drainage trap. This tray is designed to be used with the Etonville puraDec Shower Trap Kit, which features a stainless steel grating & surround and a horizontal waste outlet.

The Etonville puraDec Wetroom Shower Tray measures 22mm thick at the outermost edge and features a inset raised 6mm lip. When installing the tray on an existing suspended timber floor with 22mm tongue and groove chipboard, this is to facilitate installing 6mm cement on top of the chipboard and over the initial edge of the tray, butting up against the raised lip to create a seamless, level substrate suitable for tiling onto. See the image gallery above for a demonstration of this.

Installation of the tray is simple – simply screw and glue the tray to the joists beneath, inserting the screws around the perimeter of the tray, between the edge and the raised lip section. The fixing screws should finish flush with the tray surface, then the overlaying 6mm cement board edge can cover the screws. Use the waterproofing membrane and waterproofing tape from the Etonville puraDec Tanking Kit to seal the joints and wall/corner junctions, then tank the entire area prior to tiling.

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1500 x 800mm, 1500 x 900mm, 1200 x 800mm, 1200 x 900mm