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Etonville puraDec Shower Trap Kit

£119.69 (inc VAT)



The Etonville puraDec Shower Trap Kit is a complete shower waste, drainage grate and frame set for use with the pre-formed Etonville puraDec Shower Wetroom Shower Trays.

It features a horizontal drain outlet with an integral foul air trap and an adjustable DN50 50mm solvent weld outlet socket for connecting to the drainage pipe. The trap has a flow rate of 36 litres per minute (LPM).

This Etonville puraDec Shower Trap Kit is supplied complete with a stainless steel drain grate and surround frame. The combined size of the grate and frame surround is 150mm x 150mm.

The trap kit can be used in either solid concrete floor or suspended timber joist installations. When using the drain kit beneath a suspended timber floor it is necessary to construct a platform between the joists for the drain body to rest on.

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