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Comfortzone Heating Cable Kit

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This product is now discontinued, please see below for current stock levels:

25 metre cable: 2 Units
31.3 metre cable: 5 Units
50 metre cable: 4 Units
62.5 metre cable: 5 Units
87.5 metre cable: 5 Units
200 metre cable: 2 Units

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The Comfortzone Heating Cable Kit is ideal for customising the installation of your underfloor heating.

The underfloor heating cable kit makes it easier to lay underfloor heating around fixed furniture, such as sanitary ware in bathrooms. This kit is also useful for installing underfloor heating in awkwardly shaped rooms and cupboards.

This underfloor heating kit also allows you to customize the heat output of the underfloor heating, by adjusting the spacing between the rows of cable.

This kit is also fully compatible with our range of electric thermostats.

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Cable size/Output

18.8 metres / 225W, 25 metres / 300W, 31.3 metres / 375W, 50 metres / 600W, 62.5 metres / 750W, 87.5 metres / 1050W, 100 metres / 1200W, 125 metres / 1500W, 150 metres / 1800W, 175 metres / 2100W, 200 metres / 2400W