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Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating

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This product is now discontinued, please see below for current stock levels:

1 m² Mat 150W: 18 Units
1.5 m² Mat 150W: 3 Units
6 m² Mat 150W: 7 Units
8 m² Mat 150W: 7 Units
10 m² Mat 150W: 11 Units
12 m² Mat 150W: 5 Units
24 m² Mat 150W: 1 Unit

2.5 m² Mat 200W: 6 Units

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Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating warms your home from the floor up, creating a comfortable feeling for everybody to enjoy. Easy to install under most floor finishes, can cost as little as 4p/m2 to run and is covered by a 10 year guarantee.

Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating is made up of pre-spaced heating cables fixed to a high quality backing mesh that provides a perfectly even spread of heat under your flooring. Available in a range of sizes to suit most rooms, and can be used to heat your room or to simply take the chill off your newly tiled floor.

Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating can be up to 100% efficient at the point of use meaning all of the heat energy created is radiated up through the floor into your room. Installing insulation boards and creating an automatic heating schedule will help to keep your energy bills to a minimum.

Comfortzone Electric Underfloor Heating can be used as your primary heat source and can replace central heating systems in well insulated rooms where at least 80% of the floor can be covered with an underfloor heating system. The 150W/m2 system is suitable for use as a primary heat source in these well insulated applications.

The more powerful 200W/m2 system is ideal for use in areas of high heat loss, such as older properties with poor insulation or conservatories. The 200W/m2 systems do not get any hotter, but they reach their target temperature faster which helps to combat heat loss.

For primary heating applications we always recommend the use of an underfloor heating insulation board to ensure all of the heat energy is radiated up into the room. Without an extra layer of insulation you waste electricity and money heating the sub floor before any heat can radiate into the room.

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Weight N/A
Power output

150W/m2, 200W/m2

Mat size (m2)

1 m2, 1.5 m2, 2 m2, 2.5 m2, 3 m2, 4 m2, 5 m2, 6 m2, 8 m2, 10 m2, 12 m2, 16 m2, 20 m2, 24 m2