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BAL Tank It Waterproofing System

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BAL Tank It Waterproofing System is a rapid-setting, rapid-drying, two-part, highly polymer-modified, waterproof cementitious based system for walls and floors. It is a simple and easy to apply two-part mix that provides total waterproof protection and is rapid setting, allowing for tiling after 90 minutes (at 20°c).

BAL Tank It Waterproofing System consists of a 5kg powder and 5 litre of liquid additive that is mixed together to form a slurry coating. It also includes a 20 metre roll of reinforcing tape that is used to reinforce corners, joints and edges. Coverage: 0.73m²/kg (per 1mm thickness).

BAL Tank It Waterproofing System is suitable for areas of total immersion such as swimming pools, areas where/limited movement may occur (e.g. around drainage channels, junctions between walls/floors), and for preventing water penetration through suspended floors.

The system will fully seal walls and floors and is ideal in association with an approved design for: Heavy Duty Showers and Power Showers, Wet Rooms, Swimming Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools, Spa Pools, Fountains, Water Features, Terraces and Balconies. It is suitable for use on the following substrates: Brick/Concrete, Rendering, Lightweight Blockwork, Cement:Sand Screed, Plaster, Plasterboard, Tile Backer/Fibre Cement Boards, Glazed/Unglazed Ceramic Tiles / Hard Natural Stone, Timber Floors, Overlaid Timber Floors – Water resistant boards, and Plywood (walls).

BAL Tank It Waterproofing System is NOT suitable for use as a DPM (Damp Proof Membrane), Do NOT use as a wearing surface. It also should not be exposed / submerged to water without a suitable covering such as tiles.

Use a BAL Mixing Bucket or other suitable bucket.
The full system requires two separate mixes as stated below.
For each mix:
1. Pour a quarter bottle of BAL Tank It Liquid 5 Litre into the empty bucket (1.25L of liquid), using the measuring indicators on the bottle for assistance.
2. Add half a bag of BAL Tank It Powder 5kg (2.5kg of powder) to the liquid.
3. Mix until a lump free consistency is achieved.
4. Once mixed add a further quarter bottle (1.25L) from the opened bottle to the mixed product and mix for a further 1 minute.
5. Leave to stand for a 2 minutes before re-mixing for 30 seconds.
Repeat the above step when mixing the remaining 2.5kg powder and 2.5L liquid for the second coat.
Note: The bucket will always need to be cleaned thoroughly using clean water for further use before the product sets.
Note: If using electric drill mixer, blend at slow speed (i.e. under 300rpm).

Application procedure:
1. Before mixing the BAL Tank It Waterproofing Slurry, apply the self-adhesive BAL Tank It Reinforcing Tape at: Internal and external corners of walls/partitions, Wall junctions with base/upstands/columns, At pipe penetration points/drainage channels/outlets, Junctions of different base/background materials, Cracks and joints in backgrounds.
2. Apply the first mixed product to the walls and floor using the 4mm x 4mm notched trowel or other tool recommendations (see table above), consider the pot life when using the product.
3. Before the surface is dry, using the floating trowel (see table above), the ribs must be flattened to a thickness of 0.5mm. The product must be applied to the full height of the wet area and to the floor where tiles are used and exposed to water. Leave to dry for approx. 30 minutes until touch dry before applying the second mix.
4. Repeat the mixing and application in the same way (see Mixing instructions).
5. Apply the second mixed product to the same areas; spreading to a thickness of 0.5mm (total thickness for both coats 1mm is required for waterproofing).
6. Leave until touch dry, for approx. 60 minutes.
7. The area will now be ready to begin tiling using the correct BAL Adhesive. See BAL Technical Data Sheet for further information or contact BAL Technical Advisory And Specification Service.
Once the tiling is completed: If completing a shower, do NOT use shower for at least 2 weeks after completion of the grouting (as required by BS 5385: Part 4). If completed a swimming pool, do not fill pool for at least 3 weeks after completion of grouting (as required by BS 5385: Part 4).

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  1. AM

    Impressive product which requires some learning and isn’t too pleasant to work with, but the end result looks to be seriously good at keeping water out. I found it to be quite short on coverage even though I copied the video method, but as this was my first time I may have applied too thickly.

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