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BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive

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BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive is a non-slip ready-mixed tile adhesive for walls. For fixing ceramics (up to 300x300mm), mosaics and some natural stone in dry or wet interior environments such as domestic areas including showers/kitchens/bathrooms.

BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive is NOT suitable for exterior use or total immersion areas (e.g. swimming pools), Commercial areas including showers and power showers, Non-porous tiles or Bedding depths exceeding 3mm.

BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive comes ready to use and is available in 15kg tubs. It has an extended open time of 30 minutes and is ready to grout after 24 hours (at 20°c).

BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive is suitable for use on the following substrates: Rendering, Clay Brick / Medium Density Concrete, Sheets & Boards, Tile Backer Boards, Plasterboard, Plaster, Glazed Tile & Brick, and Painted Surfaces.

Do NOT use BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive in temperatures below 5°C or in damp conditions. If fixing larger format tiles (advised up to max. 300x300mm or fixing onto a non- porous background (e.g. tiles), drying times will be extended. For larger size tiles contact BAL Technical Advisory & Specification Service.

Fixing procedure:
1. Apply BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive to wall surface and comb to required bed thickness ensuring the ribs of adhesive all run in one direction.
If fixing large (300x300mm maximum)/heavily-patterned tiles, apply additional adhesive to tile reverse (DO NOT apply over 3mm maximum).
2. For mosaics: using a rubber tile float, press mosaics into adhesive and beat into required position, ensure joints between sheets match joints between mosaic tesserae (i.e. staggered).
For tiles: press tile firmly into the ribs of adhesive and into position, with slight twisting/sliding action to ensure optimum adhesive contact.
3. Fix mosaics/tiles before adhesive forms skin (typically over 30 minutes at 20°C, depending on surface porosity /atmospheric conditions). If skin has formed, remove adhesive and apply fresh layer).
4. Occasionally lift a mosaic/tile to check adhesive contact are 50% coverage for dry areas; min. 100% coverage for wet areas (i.e. When solid-bed fixing, leave no voids behind tiles).
5. Leave adequate joints between individual tiles unless self-spacing tiles used.
6. Install movement joints to BS 5385, Parts 1-5.
7. Clean off surplus adhesive from tile face and between tile joints before the adhesive has dried.

1. Waiting minimum 24 hours (at 20°C) after tile fixing. Select a BAL cementitious or Epoxy grout such as BAL Micromax2 Tile Grout or BAL Easypoxy AG Grout.
NOTE: If tiling on an impervious background (e.g. existing tiles or primed areas) and/or fixing larger format tiles (up to 300x300mm) or porcelain tiles (up to 150x150mm ), delay grouting for min. 3 days, to allow for extended setting time.
2. Fill movement joint and seal around bath/shower trays with suitable sealant i.e. BAL Micromax Silicone Sealant. However, do NOT use on sensitive surface that could react to acetic acids released during cure.
If completing a shower, do NOT use shower for at least 2 weeks (as required by BS 5385: Part 4, clause 7.2.1).

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