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Ardex WPC Waterproof Protection Coat 10kg

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Ardex WPC creates a waterproof coating that prevents water penetrating through the tiling background, which could otherwise result in costly damage to walls, floors and ceilings in adjacent rooms. Available in two colours, grey or white. Each box comes with a roller and a roll of scrim tape included.

Ardex WPC consists of two components, one being a solvent free acrylic dispersion, the other a reactive cement-based powder. The two components are mixed together, the proportions being adjusted to provide either a non-flowing consistency for trowelling, filling holes, joints, etc., or a brushable consistency for painting and roller application. The cured coating is flexible, waterproof and causes no discolouration of the grouted tile joints.

Ardex WPC can be used as a waterproof protection coat on backgrounds such as cement or gypsum plaster, plasterboard or wood-based materials prior to fixing ceramic tiles, etc., in domestic or commercial kitchens, showers and bathrooms. Ardex WPC can be used for sealing internal corners between walls, filling holes, joints and gaps around pipes, baths and showers prior to installing ceramic tiling.

NOTE: The use of timber-based sheets and boards should be avoided if at all possible in wet locations. Ideally, wood-based sheets or boards should be replaced or oversheeted with plasterboard prior to applying Ardex WPC. Timber-based sheets or boards are not recommended for use in commercial showers etc.

A non-flowing workable paste for trowelling purposes and for filling gaps, holes, joints etc., can be produced by mixing sufficient quantities of the two components in the ratio of: 0.7 parts Ardex WPC liquid to 1 part Ardex WPC powder by weight (Mix No.1).

A flowing consistency for application by brush or paint roller can be produced by mixing sufficient quantities of the two components in the ratio of: 1 part Ardex WPC liquid to 1 part Ardex WPC powder by weight (Mix No. 2).

The mixed Ardex WPC has a pot life of approximately 45 minutes at 20°C. This time will be shortened at high temperatures and extended at low temperatures. Once the mixed material begins to set and thicken, do not add extra WPC liquid but discard the material.

Ardex WPC Application Instructions

Technical Data:
Density of Mix No. 1 for trowel application approximately 1.4kg/litre
Density of Mix No. 2 for roller/brush application approximately 1.3kg/litre
Pot Life approximately 45 minutes at 20°C
Curing of applied material after 1 hour at 20°C.
Fixing of tiles after 1 hour at 20°C.

Application by spatula/pallet knife/trowel (Mix No.1) approximately 1.75kg WPC liquid + 2.5kg WPC powder per m2 at 3mm thickness i.e. 4.25kg of Mix No.1/m2 at 3mm.
Application by brush/roller (Mix No. 2) approximately 0.75kg WPC liquid + 0.75kg WPC powder per m2 at 0.8mm thickness i.e. 1.5kg of Mix No 2/m2 at 0.8mm or 6.6m2/10kg unit at 0.8mm.

Product Datasheet

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Weight 10 kg

Grey, White