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Ardex Sealing Tape, Pipe Collars & Corners

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Ardex Sealing Tape, Pipe Collars & Corners are special tapes designed to be used with Ardex S7 Plus waterproof coating, and Ardex WPC waterproofing coat.

The range is comprised of: Ardex SK12, Ardex SKW, Ardex SKF, Ardex SK90 and Ardex SK270.

Ardex SK12 is a 50m x 120mm sealing tape for bridging cracks, joins and sealing junctions where the wall meets the floor.

Ardex SK90 is a 90-degree internal angle corner sleeve for sealing internal corners where two walls meet with the floor.

Ardex SK270 is a 270-degree external angle corner sleeve is for sealing the outer corners of walls that abut the floor.

Ardex SKW is a 120mm x 120mm square pipe collar with a 14mm diameter hole.

Ardex SKF is a 425mm x 425mm square pipe collar with a 50mm diameter hole.

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SK12 50m x 120mm Roll, SKW 14mm Dia. Pipe Collar, SKF 50mm Dia. Pipe Collar, SK90 Inner Angle Sleeve, SK270 Outer Angle Sleeve