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Ardex S7 Plus Waterproof Coating 15kg

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Ardex S7 Plus is a waterproof coating for waterproofing swimming pool floors and walls prior to fixing ceramic tiles using an appropriate Ardex Tile Adhesive. Ardex S7 Plus can be used for interior and exterior locations, and is fibre-reinforced for strength and flexibility, with excellent slump resistance. Ardex S7 Plus can withstand up to 5 bar of water pressure.

Ardex S7 Plus is water based, and easy to apply with a trowel to produce a smooth finish. Ardex S7 Plus comes in 15kg bags.

A 15kg bag of Ardex S7 Plus should be mechanically mixed with 4 litres of water to produce a slump free mortar. The use of a mixing paddle with a 10mm chuck, variable speed (at least 650 rpm) electric drill makes light work of mixing. Remixing of the mortar after 2-3 minutes (standing time) will improve the consistency. When mixed, Ardex S7 Plus has a pot life of approximately 60 minutes at 20°C.

This time is extended at lower and reduced at higher temperatures. Thicker mixes for patch filling of holes will have a shorter pot life.

Ardex S 7 Plus is initially applied to the prepared surface with a 4mm x 4mm toothed and notched trowel (Stage 1) and the ribs immediately flattened to provide a smooth surface (Stage 2). The thickness of the coating is 1.2mm wet and 1mm when dry.

NOTE: If the prepared surface is very porous an initial layer of Ardex S 7 Plus should be applied to fill the pores and allowed to harden prior to applying the first coat as above. Once the first coat has hardened, usually after 4 hours at 20°C, the second coat can be applied as described for the first coat.

Any movement joints within the concrete/render/ screed should be continued through the Ardex S 7 Plus to the surface of the tiling. When applying the Ardex sealing tapes, collars etc., these should be applied/embedded into the smoothed, fresh, first coat of Ardex S 7 Plus and left to harden prior to applying the second coat.

NOTE: Ardex S 7 Plus can be thickened, if required, to fill localised holes etc. prior to the two coat application. At junctions or where the wall meets the floor on adjacent walls the junction should be sealed with Ardex SK-12 tape. Internal corners where the wall meets the wall and floor should be sealed with Ardex SK-90 Angle tape corners. External corners of a wall that abut a floor should have the junction sealed with Ardex SK-270 Outer Angle tape corners. Any cracks or joints should be sealed with the Ardex SK-12 Sealing Tape, and any pipes that extrude through walls or floors should be sealed with pipe collars such as the Ardex SK-W (120mm x 120mm, 14mm diameter hole) or Ardex SK-F (425mm x 425mm, 50mm diameter hole).

Drying And Hardening:
Tile fixing can commence, when dry, approximately 4 hours after the application of the second coat of Ardex S 7 Plus.

Tile Fixing:
Tiles should be fixed using an appropriate Ardex Tile Adhesive, and grouted using a suitable Ardex Tile Grout.

A 15kg bag will cover approximately 6.25m² with two coats applied. 1.2kg/m²/1mm dry (1.2mm wet).

Technical Data:
Trowable Consistency: Ardex S 7 Plus – 15Kg powder mixed with 4L water. Reduce water for thicher consistency.

Mortar weight when freshly mixed: Approx. 1.3kg/L
Material requirement for 1.2mm wet thickness: (1 mm dry): 1.2kg powder/m²
Working time: (20°C): Approx. 60 Min.
Walkability: (20°C): Approx. 4 Hours
Packaging: Bags with 15kg Net
Storage: Can be stored for approx. 6 months in dry rooms in original sealed packaging.

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