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Ardex MVS 95 Moisture Vapour Suppressant 12kg

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Ardex MVS 95 Moisture Vapour Suppressant is a ready for use, one component, water based, dispersion coating supplied in pre-gauged 12kg units.

Ardex MVS 95 is supplied pigmented blue to indicate uniform coverage and is waterproof when fully cured.

Ardex MVS 95 is designed to suppress residual construction moisture in cementitious substrates including suitably prepared power floated concrete and cement/sand screeds. Ardex MVS 95 is designed for use as a two coat system. When fully dry, two coats of Ardex MVS 95 produces a membrane which can accommodate hygrometer readings up to 95% RH, and allows the subsequent application of Ardex Levelling and Smoothing Compounds without priming.

Ardex MVS 95 can be used on heated screeds that have been installed and commissioned in accordance with BS 8204 Part 1, taking into account the recommendations in Part 4 of BS EN 1264. It is not suitable for use on direct to ground substrates without a functioning, structural damp proof membrane.

Please refer to the Ardex DPM 1 C or Ardex DPM 1 C R datasheet for applications where no structural damp proof membrane exists or the relative humidity is above 95% RH.

Ardex MVS 95 should be overlaid with 3mm, to a maximum 6mm, of an Ardex Smoothing Compound to protect the film and to provide a uniform absorbent layer for subsequent floorcovering application with an appropriate Flooring Adhesive. Ardex MVS 95 must not be trafficked between coats and before the levelling and smoothing compound is applied. No more than 24 hours should be allowed to elapse between coats for optimum performance.


% RH (Max relative humidity measured)



Minimum dry film thickness required (microns)



12kg maximum unit coverage per 2 coat application (m2)



NOTE: Coverage will depend upon the absorbency and texture of the substrate. The coverage figures stated assume a smooth, lightly shot blasted, power floated concrete slab as a substrate.

To ensure that the correct film thickness is achieved mark out the required area, either 36m2 or 27m2, and ensure that the entire contents of the unit is spread uniformly over the area. For smaller areas pro rata the unit e.g half a unit (6kg) applied at 150 microns will cover 18m2 as a two coat application. The applied film thickness can be checked with a suitable wet film thickness gauge.

To achieve a dry film thickness of 150 microns, two coats, each 150 microns thick as a wet film, will need to be applied.

Technical Data:
Density at 20°C: 1.1
Open Time: 20 minutes at 20°C
Walkability and over-coating can be achieved in as little as 1 hour at 20°C and 65% RH.
Drying time will be extended under cool and/or humid conditions.
Colour: Blue

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