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Ardex K39 Levelling Compound 22kg

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Ardex K39 Levelling Compound is an advanced high performance self-smoothing and levelling compound with a market leading extended wet edge and working time. The rapid hardening properties of Ardex K39 mean that it is walkable in as little as 2 hours.

Ardex K39 will level and smooth, in a single application, all uneven internal sub-floors including concrete, cement/sand screeds, anhydrite screeds etc.

Due to the extended wet edge properties of Ardex K39, fresh applications of material can be easily smoothed/trowelled into existing pre-applied material for up to 40 minutes after application.

The superior smoothing and levelling properties of Ardex K39 help to ensure the best possible finish with minimum effort. Spike rollers may be used if preferred but their use is not essential as an excellent finish is normally achieved with a trowel or a gauging tool depending on the depth of the application. Where levelling large surface areas it may be advantageous to pump Ardex K39. NOTE: It is recommended that the floorcovering is applied within 48 hours to avoid contamination of the floor, if not, the surface should be covered until the floorcovering is laid.

Ardex K39 can be applied from 1.5mm up to a maximum of 10mm in a single application. To utilise its free-flowing properties the minimum application thickness should be at least 2mm. A minimum thickness of 3mm should be applied on a non-absorbent sub-floor where an absorbent layer is required by the flooring adhesive. When applying at thicknesses over 10mm, incorporate up to half a volume of Ardex Coarse Aggregate. Mix the product as above without further addition of water. Mixes with aggregate may require a subsequent smoothing layer.

A 5mm layer of Ardex K39 is walkable after 2 hours and ready to receive floorcoverings After 24 hours at 20°C. Layers up to 10mm are dry after 48 hours. Applications from 10-20mm require approximately 72 hours to dry, depending on site conditions. Where the applied mortar is subjected to rapid drying conditions, or where the installation of the floorcovering is delayed for longer than 48 hours, the surface should be covered to provide temporary protection against surface damage and contamination.

Approximately 1.5kg Ardex K39 powder/m2/mm, e.g. one 22kg bag will cover approximately 7.4m2 at 2mm thickness and 5m2 at 3mm thickness.

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder approx. 1.2kg/litre
Weight of fresh mortar approx. 1.9kg/litre
Working time at 20°C approx. 40 minutes
Flow life at 20°C approx. 25 minutes

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