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Ardex K 15 Levelling Compound 22kg

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Ardex K 15 Levelling Compound is an advanced, Rapid Drying, Heavy Duty Self-Levelling Smoothing Compound. Due to the unique rapid drying properties, Ardex K 15 can receive floorcoverings in as little as 4 hours, regardless of thickness.

Ardex K 15 has very high compressive strength, ideal for LVT installations.

Ardex K 15 will level and smooth, in a single application, most known uneven internal sub-floors including concrete, cement/sand screeds, porcelain, ceramic, quarry tiles and anhydrite screeds etc. prior to the installation of floorcoverings. Applications include smoothing tamped, uneven, damaged or rained-on in-situ concrete sub-floors, adjusting tolerances or camber problems between floors, slabs or pre-cast concrete, as well as smoothing old sub-floors and screeds in renovation projects.

Ardex K 15 can be applied from a very thin coating up to 35mm thick. Ardex K 15 should be applied at thicknesses greater than 1.5mm to benefit from its self-levelling properties. NOTE: Non-absorbent sub-floors, e.g. surface damp proof membranes, must be levelled with at least 3mm of the smoothing compound up to a maximum of 6mm thick.

When applying Ardex K 15 at thicknesses of over 10mm, incorporate up to an equal volume of 3mm Ardex Coarse Aggregate. For thicknesses exceeding 20mm, up to 35mm, up to an equal volume of 3-8mm clean, dry, fines free, graded gravel may be used. Mix the Ardex K 15 as above and add the aggregate without the further addition of water. For thicknesses greater than 7mm, it may be more convenient to use Ardex K15 HB which has aggregate incorporated. A smoothing layer of Ardex K 15 may be required on top of the Ardex K15 HB prior to applying the floorcovering, depending upon the finish achieved and the floorcovering being installed.

NOTE: When smoothing over flooring grade asphalt, or over sub-floors with traces of sound, hard, non-water softenable adhesive residues, use Arditex NA.

Ardex K 15 receives floorcoverings in as little as 4 hours when a high performance adhesive is used, regardless of application thickness. Rapid hardening can be walked on after 2 hours.

Approximately 1.4kg of ARDEX K 15 per m² per mm thick. e.g. One 22kg bag will give enough material to cover approx 5.25m² at 3mm thick. NOTE: The coverage figure is based on a flat level surface. Additional material should be allowed for where the surface is rough or uneven.

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder approx. 1.1kg/litre
Weight of fresh mortar approx. 1.8kg/litre
Working time at 20°C approx. 30 minutes
Flow life at 20°C approx. 15 minutes
Initial Set (Vicat) approx. 30 minutes
Final Set (Vicat) approx. 2 hours

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