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Ardex FA10 Levelling Compound 20kg

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Ardex FA10 Levelling Compound is a fibre reinforced, rapid setting levelling and smoothing compound for use on uneven and dry internal subfloors prior to the installation of ceramic/stone tiles and resilient floor finishes.

Ardex FA10 is ideal for a wide range of subfloor types including cement/sand screeds, gypsum screeds, concrete and flooring grade plywood. It can be applied up to a maximum thickness of 10mm neat in a single application, or 20mm when incorporating Ardex Coarse Aggregate. It is ready to receive ceramic and non-moisture sensitive natural stone tiling in as little as 3 hours, and resilient floorcoverings such as vinyl, linoleum, carpet etc. after 16 hours.

Ardex FA10 is suitable for floors with underfloor heating, and can be used to encapsulate under-tile heating cables.

Ardex FA10 can be applied from 1.5mm up to a maximum of 10mm neat in a single application. To utilise its free-flowing properties the minimum application thickness should be greater than 1.5mm. A minimum thickness of 3mm should be used on non-absorbent subfloors where an absorbent layer is required by the flooring adhesive.

For thicknesses from 10mm-20mm, up to half a volume of Ardex Coarse Aggregate should be added, proportionately, dependent on depth. Mixes with high aggregate content may require a subsequent smoothing layer; in these instances, allow the first layer to dry, prime with Ardex P51 Primer (diluted 1:3) and then apply the smoothing layer.

Ardex FA10 is walkable after 2½ hours and will be sufficiently dry at 20°C and in good conditions to receive various finishes as described in the table below.

NOTE: Drying times are based on good ambient conditions (20°C), and can be reduced at higher temperatures and lengthened at lower temperatures. Where the installation of the floor finish will be delayed for longer than 48 hours after initial hardening, the surface should be covered to provide temporary protection against surface damage, surface crazing, and contamination.

A 20kg bag will cover approximately 6.5m² at 2mm thick applications, using 1.6kg of powder per m² per mm thickness.

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder approx. 1.2kg/litre
Weight of fresh mortar approx. 1.9kg/litre
Working time at 20°C approx. 30 minutes

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