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Ardex E101 Grout Improver Admix

Please Note: This product is now discontinued.

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Ardex E101 is a special synthetic resin dispersion for use either in conjunction with Ardex F4, Ardex C2 and Ardex GK cement-based tile grouts, or normal cement/sand grouting mortar in internal and external situations. The addition of Ardex E101 admix gives elastic and water repellent properties to the set and hardened grout as well as improving adhesion.

Ardex E101 is available in 5kg containers.

The modified mortar can be used for grouting ceramic wall and floor tiles, ceramic and glass mosaics, brick slips etc.

Ardex E101 is used to provide additional protection to moisture sensitive substrates in bathrooms, showers and kitchens. It creates water repellent joints between tiles on balconies, on external cladding etc.

Ardex E101 is used to improve flexibility for joints between tiles fixed to backings subject to movement such as plasterboard, chipboard, plywood etc. It can also be used for increased elastic properties for joints between tiles fixed to heated sub-floors and to substrates subject to limited moisture movement.

Ardex E 101 should be diluted with an equal volume of clean water prior to mixing with Ardex C2, Ardex GK and cement/sand mixes.

For use with Ardex F4 dilute the Ardex E 101 with two volumes of clean water. Use a clean mixing container and add the cement-based grout to the diluted product whilst stirring thoroughly to obtain the required consistency.

Material Requirement:
Approximately 1kg per 11kg bag of Ardex grout.

Technical Data:
The modulus of elasticity of Ardex grouts improved with the product is between 5000 and 6500 N/mm2.

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