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Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat

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Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat is a decoupling layer manufactured from polyethylene, with both sides laminated with polypropylene fleece. Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat is designed for renovation, new construction and to decouple tiles, slabs, natural stone and concrete pavers on internal domestic and commercial floors with loads up to 2KN/m².

Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat can also be used for the unbonded installation of tiles and slabs in domestic areas where there is a requirement to avoid damage to the existing sub-floor e.g. rental accommodation.

Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat will bridge non-moving cracks up to 3mm in width. If there are any differences in height between the cracks the area will require smoothing with the appropriate Ardex levelling and smoothing compound before the application of Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat.

Installation of tiles can commence after approximately 2 hours if Ardex X78S, Ardex S27, Ardex S28 or Ardex X7R is used to adhere the Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat sheets.

If Ardex X78 or Ardex X77 are used for the installation, tiling can commence after 24 hours. Ardex AF200 should be used for timber substrates and will allow tiling to commence after approximately 2 hours.

Installation of tiles and slabs on top of Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat:
The table on the datasheet (link below) provides detailed information on sub-floor preparation and the appropriate use of primers and adhesives used in the installation of Ardex DS 20 Decoupling Mat.

The tiles to be installed should have a minimum size of 10 x 10cm and a minimum breaking strength of 1500 N. Ceramic floor tiles should be at least 8mm thick and natural stone should be at least 15mm thick.

We recommend the use of Ardex X78, or Ardex X78S when installing non-moisture sensitive natural stone or concrete pavers. To avoid staining or warping moisture sensitive natural stones should be installed using one of the ARDEX Natural Stone Adhesives (Ardex S27, Ardex S28, Ardex X7001 or Ardex X32).

The adhesive bed should be no thicker than 4mm on top of an unbonded layer of the matting. The adhesive bed should be no greater than 5mm on top of a bonded layer.

Product Datasheet

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