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Ardex D15 Wall Tile Adhesive 10 litre

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Please Note: This product is now discontinued and we only have 2 x 10 Litre tubs left in stock.


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Ardex D15 Wall Tile Adhesive is an easy to apply, ready mixed wall tile adhesive with excellent slump resistant properties. Ardex D15 does not require a coat of primer before use, and is smooth and easy to apply. Up to 20 minutes open time, with 15 minutes of adjustment time. Can be grouted after 24 hours.

Ardex D15 comes in white, in 10 litre tubs.

Ardex D15 Wall Tile Adhesive is used for fixing ceramic tiles and mosaics to gypsum plaster, paper-faced plasterboards, concrete, cement and sand renders, as well as for fixing porous bodied tiles to existing ceramic tiling. Ardex D15 is suitable for use in dry, internal locations, as well as in domestic showers and bathrooms on appropriate backgrounds where there is ample time for the tiling to dry out between periods of use.

In frequently used showers or power showers, the surface should initially be treated with ArdexWPC Rapid Setting Waterproof Coating before the wall tiles are fixed to prevent ingress of moisture into the background. Porous bodied tiles can be fixed in such areas using Ardex D30 Commercial and Domestic Ready Mixed Wall Tile Adhesive. In permanently wet locations e.g. swimming pools and external locations, use the appropriate cement based adhesive such as Ardex X77 MICROTEC Flexible Wall and Floor Tile Adhesive.

Approximately: 1 litre per m2 using a 3mm x 3mm toothed and notched trowel.

Technical Data:
Paste colour: Off white
Adhesive bed thickness: Maximum 3mm
Drying time: 24 hours

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