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Ardex Ardurapid A45 Repair Mortar 11kg

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Ardex Ardurapid A45 Repair Mortar is a rapid drying and hardening, slump free mortar for internal repairs. The mixed mortar sets after 15 minutes and can be trafficked after just 90 minutes regardless of thickness at 20°C. Available in 11kg bags.

Ardex Ardurapid A45 is ideal for:

• Re-profiling, repairing and refacing internal concrete stairtreads and risers, cement and sand screeds and concrete floors.
• Filling and patching cracks in walls, ceilings and soffits.
• Making good around pipework, door and window frames.
• Forming ramps from a feather edge to normal screed thicknesses.
• Forming coves.

When using Ardex Ardurapid A45 as a wearing surface a suitable coating is required.

The Ardex Ardurapid A45 Mortar can be applied up to 20mm neat in isolated areas, but for economy Ardex Coarse Aggregate or 1/3 volume of coarse screeding sand can be added to the mix. For thicknesses over 20mm, and up to 50mm, for holes etc., an equal volume of Ardex Coarse Aggregate must be used. For localised thicknesses exceeding 20mm e.g. filling deep holes and wide cracks, incorporate an equal volume of 10mm single sized coarse aggregate in the mortar.

Depending on the flatness of the surface, an 11kg bag will cover approximately 7m2 at 1mm thick (7 litres of mortar).

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder approx. 1.4kg/litre
Weight of fresh mortar approx. 1.9kg/litre
Initial Set (Vicat) DIN 1164 approx. 15 mins at 20°C
Final Set (Vicat) DIN 1164 approx. 60 mins at 20°C

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Weight 11 kg