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Ardex A55 Levelling Compound 22kg

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Ardex A55 Levelling Compound is an advanced sub-floor smoothing and patching compound with rapid hardening and rapid drying properties, specifically designed for areas where the installation time of floor finishes must be kept to a minimum.

When mixed with water, an exceptionally fluid, flexible self-levelling mortar is produced which can be applied from a feather edge up to the required thickness in a single operation.

Dependent on substrate and application thickness, Ardex A55 can normally be walked on after approximately 60 minutes at 20°C. Ardex A55 dries and hardens rapidly by hydration, binding in the mix water so that, providing the Ardex A55 layer has hardened sufficiently and the adhesive trowel does not damage the mortar surface, the floorcovering may be installed, even if the surface appears to be damp, typically after 60 minutes at 20°C.

Ardex A55 will level and smooth in a single application within the 15 minute working time. Applications include rapid repairs and smoothing tamped, uneven, damaged in-situ concrete, sub-floors, adjusting tolerances or camber problems between floors, slabs or pre-cast concrete, as well as smoothing old sub-floors and screeds in renovation projects prior to receiving resilient floorcoverings such as vinyl and carpet. Ardex A55 is not designed to be a wearing surface.

Ardex A55 can be applied from a feather edge up to 10mm neat; its optimum flow properties are found in applications of 2mm or above. When applying at thicknesses over 10mm, incorporate up to an equal volume of 3mm single sized chippings e.g. Ardex Coarse Aggregate. Mix the product as above and add the aggregate without further addition of water.

NOTE: Non-absorbent sub-floors must be levelled with at least 1.5mm of Ardex A55. Flooring grade asphalt must be levelled with at least 3mm of Arditex NA, but not exceeding 6mm in thickness.

Approximately 1.47kg of powder per square metre per millimetre of thickness, i.e. one bag will cover approximately 7.5m2 at 2mm thick.

Technical Data:
Bulk density of powder: approx. 1.2kg/litre
Weight of fresh mortar approx. 1.85kg/litre
Working time (20°C): approx. 15 minutes
Walkability (20°C): approx. 60 minutes
Ready to receive floorcoverings (20°C): approx. 60 minutes
*dependant on substrate, application thickness and temperature.

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